I’m poor, I’m black, I may even be ugly. But dear God I’m here! I’m here

The color purple.I’m sharing with you why this story touched me so deeply. It’s how I felt it’s what I saw and lived while reading the novel then watching it’s movie. So first I’m gonna give y a debrief (not a spoiler no need to worry xd). It’s about different black characters leaving gratitude, abuse, incertitude, fear, perseverance, bravery, And Love.

There are 3 points I wanna deeply share with you all, First of all, life happens and we tend to give it meaning depending on who we are and how we are wired, in other words, and illustrations. Life happens, and we experience it through our filters, so if we have a hate filter, we will see people hating us, if we have a self victim filter, we will see people abusing us, doesn’t mean that’s true, but that’s how we would feel wish makes it our personal truth, it can be so true to us that it’s in our bones, and be sure that y’re leaving hell on earth missing love, gratitude, growth and beauty. On the other hand, if we see life through the filter of love, we will see people loving us. If we see life through a gratitude filter, w’ll be grateful for what happens for us (not to us, that’s for victims).

Many people can live the same experience as in the concentration camps described by Viktor Frankl in his book “Man’s Search for Meaning” and have totally different interpretations and leave and feel very differently, so they live different lives with so radical outcomes and qualities of life. Second, no matter the person, no matter what she did, no matter how inhuman acts that person did and plan to do, there is some beauty in every and each one of us (as a wise woman said “Sinners have souls too”.

There is love and connection and contribution in every one of us, you will find it in past criminals, murderers, criminals of war. Might be uncomfortable, but it’s there and life on earth as we know it is better when we do the hard uncomfortable process of fighting hate with love and forgiveness and sharing. And that’s an important vessel for our growth as individuals. There is a grace and a strength that comes from facing injustice and hate the moment we deal with it, the moment we forgive and look for ways to help and provide, that’s when we immensely grow, that how we contribute to a better life, it might look very little to us, but let’s give it a chance. I’m 100% sure this happened to you and it will happen again and again, just take the time to remember it live it and feel it, like you were there, hear what you would hear if you were there, what you would see if you were there, what you would feel if you were there. And feel the power and the beauty of it. you help or get help from a person, it can be a stranger or a person you know, and it just sticks with you and you adopt that positive behaviour, and that little action is gonna give birth to an infinity positive growing repetition. Yep that one little or big act of kindness will get amplified, repeated over and over again, generation after the other. Just take a moment to visualize the story that happened many times before and continue to happen, remembers how a person gave a gift ( it can be a word, a smile, a material contribution, it doesn’t matter) saying that her father or mother or a person thought her to do it, by teaching it or just doing it over and over again in front of you.

Imagine how life-changing it can be, imagine what it can mean for others and positively change their lives. We all remember a teacher that left a mark on us. People who contribute continuously to society will relate more easily, like parents, leaders, business people, teachers….You know, there is a person that I deeply love, for me h’s still a living legend. And that is Mahatma Gandhi, It’s the only person I know of that stopped a religious civil war, I never saw this in history and if you know a close story enlighten me. And not any civil war, these are Indians in the 20 century, where poverty reigns, where people have been abused by the colonizers, where education levels are so low. And they were fighting because of religious beliefs, you can check history on religious wars, they are bloody as hell. Just centuries before, religious wars in Asia killed so many Asian people alone that mass murders in Asia alone represented 1/5 of humanity that has been killed. And that is freacking huge, maybe half Asia population just died centuries before because of religious wars. Verry close story with Catholics and their cross wars. So now let’s get back to India, in 1932 where around 350 million Indians lived there. And these 350 million were in a religious war. And guess what, they stopped because Ghnadi who’s main lesson was Love not hate, Love, don’t fight back. The religious war Fucking stopped! the story ends here? nop, Martin Luther King learned from it, and this is what shaped America’s civil rights, and black people’s rights. This is what kept American from killing each other, this is what prevented a civil war in America (there have been some clashes of course, but on the long period peace and love lasted), this is what touched president Nixon and millions of others, seeing people getting beaten and killed over and over again and still do it again. Peacefully, until hearts soften and good vibes start rising again, more and more of them. The story ends here? nop it never ends, it’s one of the most important leçons I got in my life and making it my lifestyle, this is how I and others have a better life, This is how future generation will benefit from a leçon that was perfection by Jesus and used over and over again until it gets to Gandhi than to Martin Luther King and than to us.

This point leads me to the third point, how our state of mind, our priorities change depending on our environment. In the novel, 2 characters were just trying to survive, their words were, “I’m just trying to stay alive” The first started in the survival mode then evolved to flourish like a flower, the other lived a different experience, it started in the middle but not in the survival, then was in between still enjoying life, then got into survival, then back to her normal life again.

What’s so interesting to me is the change of our priorities as living organisms. I understand that it might look normal and so basic to you, but for me, it’s very deep, it comes back to bacterias conscious enough to change their behaviours and not kill each other so that they can all survive, and that automatically happens to us as humans, and the moment we enter survival mode, we look for ways to stay alive, the moment we get of it we look for a better quality life, the moment we get it, we look for more, we look for meaning, for connexion, for contribution, for illumination, for more understanding and it goes on, we continue to climb stares in our lifetime. And that’s fascinating to me, life is about evolving, love is a high state of evolution. So keep in mind, if you find yourself hating, holding grudges, envying, in constant fear. Just remember, there is a better way to live better and get better, and it all starts with a decision and commitment. It takes time, it’s a long journey, a life journey a never-ending one, a beautiful struggle to a rich prosperous meaningful life ❤.

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